Lace Fence was set up in 2005 as spin off of Dutch Design Studio Demakersvan (Owned by Jeroen verhoeven, Joep verhoeven & Judith de Graauw) in which the original design is still housed. After a publi­cation boom of Joep Verhoe­ven’s work, he received requests globally. The pro­duction unit is since 2006 based in Bangalore, India. Lace Fence received The Toon van Tuijl Design Award in 2009. This award allows NCDO to give atten­tion to fair trade pro­ducts pro­duced in coun­tries like India.

We value a socially respon­sible and sustain­able way of pro­du­cing. With our team of Lacers these aspects are as impor­tant to us as being able to create new products.