Lace Fence is deli­vered glo­bal­ly. For fur­ther inquiries select your country or region to con­tact us by Email.

T +31 (0)208450626

Visiting Address:
Van Diemenstraat 410–412, 1013 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Studio ⁄ bel 24

Marconistraat 52, 3029 AK
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Shipping & Storage:
Hemkade 18
Hembrug gebouwnr 218B
1506 PR Zaandam
The Netherlands

Global contact information

CountryContact personEmail
Worldwide Joep / Jeroen Verhoeven
Asia Victor Eveleens & Kalpesh Solanki
Australia Kim Forester
Austria Eva Burtscher (Securo Design)
Belgium Joep / Jeroen Verhoeven
Dubai Glarese Pallipadan (NME Trading)
France Joep / Jeroen Verhoeven
Germany Joep / Jeroen Verhoeven
Italy Alberto Vallesi
Japan Nozomi Kanemitsu
Lithuania Tomas Paševeckas (Senukai)
Puerto Rico Heber Figueroa Morales (Darok)
Russia Denis Davydov (Company Alvia)
Scandinavia Ari Caesar (Design Trappen)
Spain Pedro Vinuesa
Swiss Joep / Jeroen Verhoeven
UAE, Kuwait Jun Guerra (NME Co.)
United Arab Emirates Glarese Pallipadan (NME Trading)
United Kingdom Simon Dexter-Jones
United States Timothy Holsather & Deb King